Street Delivery Sibiu #1

Last year (2018) I was invited to make art at the first edition of Street Delivery Sibiu, a community-powered DIY festival held in Sibiu, Romania, questioning the ways in which public spaces are managed and trying to find environmentally-friendly alternatives for a Smart City. The three-day festival is held in Schiller Square turning it from a street with lots of traffic into a place that is free of cars where you can take part in creative workshops, see a lot of art in one place, take part in interesting debates about urban mobility or just watch captivating movies and listen to good music.

In the words of the organizers: ”Street Delivery advocates for a city that brings joy to its inhabitants, for a city in which pedestrians are treated the same as the other traffic participants.”

In 2018, the team asked me to make them an installation of polystyrene lettering with soil and grass seeds. The first time I made this type of living-installation was in 2017 at ”Giants of Pantelimon” organized by Make a Point in Bucharest. I answered their Call for Artists in which artists were asked to illustrate one of the stories told by the inhabitants of the Bucharest neighborhood of Pantelimon that were gathered by the team of Make a Point. More about this in a future article.


Besides a series of paste-up interventions in Schiller Square, I also held a paste-up workshop for children in which I helped the kids draw imaginary creatures that they then had to paste on a board using flour and water. It was fun and messy.



The living-installation made its way to Street Delivery Bucharest where it didn’t last long since it was trampled on by daydreaming passers-by. I will also participate this year at the festival – the theme is “Poetry in the street” - with a work entitled “The visionboard of uncommon idioms”. I won’t tell you more about it, you will just have to come and see it for yourselves during 9-11 August.

Street Delivery has become a national event organized in nearly ten cities in Romania.

Street Delivery is a manifesto-event for Arts, Urbanism and Architecture initiated in 2006 by Cărturești and the Romanian Order of Architects. Entrance is free but it involves responsibility towards others and towards the city.